Clean Your Building to Keep it Smelling Fresh

How do you instantly know if a building is clean? The first thing you look at it how it looks. You check for shiny windows, sparkling floors and furniture. This instantly creates and impression on you when you enter a building. But is this all that there is in determining if your building is clean? Of course not! A clean building does not only look clean but also smells clean. This is why it is very important that you do not only clean to make it look clean, but also remove all the dirt that may cause your building to smell bad.

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The first thing that you should remember is that it is not enough to spray deodorizers and air fresheners to mask the odor. Remember that this fades away and will allow the smell to come back. Sometimes, it mixes with the smell and will even result to a worse smell. So what you really need is a method that will surely clean your building thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of bad odor from forming in your building.

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In order to ensure that your building is cleaned properly, you need to know how to use your cleaning materials. It is not enough that you have top of the line equipment if you do not use them properly. You may have the best vacuum cleaner there is but still find your building to be dirty as ever. Not being able to clean your building well will only cause the build up of odor causing bacteria that will leave it smelling like molds.

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Usually the cause of your problems come from the most obvious sources. Make sure that your cleaning solutions do have the same scent. If the scents that you have clash, they may mix up and result to a foul smell that will only leave your building smelling dirty.

Make sure that you have a cleaning system for your building. A deep cleaning program is recommended as an overall cleaning for your building. This should be done regularly since bacteria can grow easily and eliminating them as fast as you can, will prevent it from escalating.

Check if the building has enough ventilation. Allowing the air to circulate will only cause your building to trap in odors that may be unpleasant. This may trap all the smell of sweat, dirt, perfumes and all the other scents that do not really smell good together.

As for the cleaning materials that you are using, replace all of your cleaning rags and cloth with microfiber. Wiping with wet cloth or rags will only cause your building to smell as bad as not cleaning it. If you do not wash your cloths after each cleaning, then you only spread these bacteria that may breed in places where they are left. Especially if your cleaning rags are wet, they leave the surface wet, which is conducive to the growth of mold and bacteria.

The potential cause of the foul odor usually comes from the restrooms. This may be cause by not flushing the toilets or not cleaning it regularly. You should always make sure that cleaning this is done regularly and with the use of disinfectants. This will prevent the growth of the bacteria that will result in bad odor.

Leave you Building Smelling Clean With Microfiber

When you clean with microfiber, then you are saving your building from the bad odor that may result from faulty cleaning. First and foremost, microfiber cloths are no way the same as your regular cleaning cloths. This is made from nylon and polyamide which has a lot more advantages than cleaning with cotton cloths.

This material is so absorbent that it can absorb water up to six times it weight. What is amazing about this is that it can clean oil! Imagine a cleaning cloth that actually absorbs oil and not just spread it along the surface. When you clean with microfiber, you have two options of cleaning, either when it is dry or when it is wet. You are not required to clean with a cleaning solution, because it can effectively clean without it. All you need is lukewarm water and you can wipe away any surface. This will help you save the environment and protect it from the toxic chemicals that can harm not only the environment but also you.

Compared to a cleaning cloth, microfiber is more effective in picking up dirt and germs on any surface. Each strand of the microfiber has a flat edge that will allow more surface area in contact with it. It actually picks up the bacteria and dirt there and trap it in its fibers. Your cleaning cloth does otherwise. The rounded tips of the strands do not actually pick up the dirt but just push them around the surface and cause the dirt to pile up in one area. The reason behind the effective cleaning of microfiber is because of the positive static charge that it carries. This easily attracts the negatively charged particles on the surface. These are trapped within the pores in each fiber which prevents the dirt to return back to the surface as you wipe again.

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